During one of my visits, I helped my brother contact several in-home agencies

BlueSquareMy brother is a single man and lives alone. I live in Florida and visit him regularly, but I was becoming more concerned about my brother’s health. Although he is fairly healthy, he does suffer from diabetes. I feared he wasn’t taking his medication regularly or eating properly which were causing other health issues and symptoms. He also wasn’t keeping his home cleaned properly or doing laundry. Plus, during the winter, he was not getting the walk or driveway shoveled.

During one of my visits, I helped my brother contact several in-home agencies. HomeChoice was by far the most reactive to our needs. They immediately met me at my brother’s home and were able to offer many solutions. My brother is financially secure, but is on a limited budget. HomeChoice helped us design a visit schedule he could afford, but also gave me peace of mind that someone was going to be checking on him regularly and consistently.

HomeChoice caregivers spend a few hours each day with my brother. They help him get up in the morning, get something to eat, and make sure he takes his medicine. Then at night they come back, check on him, help him take a shower, and get ready for bed. While they are there, they keep my brother’s home clean, do his grocery shopping (so I know that he is getting good stuff to eat), and do his laundry. HomeChoice staff call me if there is something they feel I should know about (good or bad) so I always feel I know what’s going on.

HomeChoice has helped my brother stay in the home he has worked so hard for and they have helped me not worry or feel guilty about my brother living independently!

– Robert L. (brother, Sarasota, FL)