Recuperative Care

After surgery, injury, or extended illness, many people need some help while they recover. HomeChoice offers a higher level of recuperative care that incorporates specialized guidance from your physical therapist or physician.




They do a great job following Doctor’s orders

BlueSquareWhenever we send someone home we call HomeChoice. Not only will they answer the phones at any time, even 7 pm on a Saturday, but they also do a great job following any doctor’s orders or recommendations for the patients that we discharge. I’ve NEVER had them tell me they couldn’t fill a shift or help with one of our patients. They are very responsive to anything that we or our patients need, and I always recommend them to anyone that leaves our facility.

– Erin A. (Hospital Discharge Planner)

Mom had fallen and fractured her arm

BlueSquareMom had fallen and fractured her arm and the doctor told us that she needed to do her exercises. She told us she was doing them, but she wasn’t gaining her strength back very quickly. We had heard about HomeChoice and her Doctor suggested we call them to come in and help with stuff around that house that she couldn’t do because of her arm AND to help make sure she was doing her exercises.

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Donald had been receiving therapy, but really wanted to return home

BlueSquareDonald had always been a very active person, so it was very difficult for him when he lost the ability to walk, feed himself, and use his hands due to neuropathy. He had been in a care center for nearly 8 months receiving therapy to regain the use of his feet, legs, and hands, but really wanted to return home. Donald needed care that called for experienced therapists. HomeChoice was the answer to all of our prayers.

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