Mom had fallen and fractured her arm

BlueSquareMom had fallen and fractured her arm and the doctor told us that she needed to do her exercises. She told us she was doing them, but she wasn’t gaining her strength back very quickly. We had heard about HomeChoice and her Doctor suggested we call them to come in and help with stuff around that house that she couldn’t do because of her arm AND to help make sure she was doing her exercises.

We called them and set up a Caregiver to come out 3 times a week. The caregivers would come to do some housekeeping stuff and before the left, they’d spend 15 minutes encouraging her to do her exercises. On the first visit back to her Doctor after they started coming out her Doctor commented on the progress she was making! I truly believe it is because of HomeChoice’s help that Mom made a full recovery.

– Catherine J. (daughter)