Donald had been receiving therapy, but really wanted to return home

BlueSquareDonald had always been a very active person, so it was very difficult for him when he lost the ability to walk, feed himself, and use his hands due to neuropathy. He had been in a care center for nearly 8 months receiving therapy to regain the use of his feet, legs, and hands, but really wanted to return home. Donald needed care that called for experienced therapists. HomeChoice was the answer to all of our prayers.

It is just amazing what Donald is able to do now that was impossible for him just two months ago. HomeChoice caregivers work with Donald to follow through with the exercises his therapist prescribes. They are so helpful and friendly and willing to do anything for Donald. Donald is so much happier being at home and does a much better job working on his exercises than he did in the care center.

I’m sure we will be friends long after Donald is free of neuropathy and able to do for himself. Our caregivers certainly have made our lives easier and free of frustrations. May the good Lord bless everyone at HomeChoice!

– Lillian R. (spouse, Marion)