It really took the pressure off us as a family

BlueSquareMy dad’s dementia was so severe that not only were my brothers and I worried about what may happen, but it was also starting to take a toll on us. We all have families and jobs and we were trying to burn the candle at both ends, taking turns staying with him overnight and on weekends. It got to the point we were all frustrated with each other.

My brother John called HomeChoice and they came in and helped us with a plan to keep us involved with his care while HomeChoice covered times when we had conflicts. It really took the pressure off us as a family. I remember the first time that the Caregiver came in and she seemed so caring and respectful towards dad, it was so reassuring to know that there was someone there taking care of and helping dad that I slept better that week than I had in months.

– Lucy F.  (daughter)