Hospice/Palliative Care

HomeChoice® hospice staff are specially trained and certified by HomeChoice to handle the unique needs of hospice/palliative clients. We are not a hospice agency, but we are one of the only non-medical companies in the area that specialize in non-medical support for both hospice clients and agencies in this area.

Agencies such as UnityPoint Hospice, Care Initiatives Hospice and Above and Beyond Hospice trust HomeChoice for supportive care services.




They always took care of Mom’s every need

BlueSquareWhen my mom was going through hospice and HomeChoice came in to help I was incredibly impressed by not just how nice the caregivers were, but also by how much they truly seemed to care. They always took care of Mom’s every need and made her as comfortable as possible. They were also a great help for us and were very supportive of me and the rest of the family that was there.

– Leeann C. (daughter)

Provide top quality care for anyone we refer

BlueSquareWhenever we have a new patient come in my first call is always to HomeChoice, they always answer the phone, and provide top quality care for anyone that we refer to them. Their caregivers are well trained how to handle not only the client in a hospice situation, but also how to be supportive towards the family as well.

– Ellen B. (Hospice Social Worker)

Dad needed more care than I could provide

BlueSquareTowards the end of my dad’s life, he needed more care than I could provide. In the beginning, he needed help occasionally during the night. I was staying with him and for a while I was able to help him when he needed it. But eventually I was up and down all night with him and then I would go into work and be exhausted. I gave HomeChoice a call.

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We wanted to keep her at home throughout the entire process

BlueSquareMy wife was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor last year. Early on in her illness we talked and planned about how we would care for her and it has been a priority for me and our entire family to do everything we can to keep her at home throughout the entire process. Early on it became apparent that her care was going to be more physically and sometimes mentally challenging than we could personally handle on our own.

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