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Safe At Home – Medication Use Among Elders

The elderly – representing 13% of the U.S. population – account for 34% of all dispensed prescriptions. The risk of adverse drug events increases with the number of medications taken. Compliance is also an issue among elders. More medications make compliance more challenging and lack of understanding contributes to noncompliance. Estimates of adherence to long-term medication regimens among seniors are in the 40-60% range.

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Long Distance Caregiving – The Journey Begins

We recently received a call from the daughter of a potential client with a familiar story…

Shelly’s sister called her after a recent visit with their mother, Wilma, at Wilma’s home in Cedar Rapids. Shelly and her sister both live several hours away from Wilma. During the visit, her sister became concerned. Her mother looked like she was losing weight. Shelly’s sister did what we always recommend to our clients and checked the refrigerator. It was empty.
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