Home Assistance

Sometimes a family member just needs a little assistance around the house. HomeChoice® services are very flexible. You can choose reliable non-medical care services as simple as occasional home housekeeping to full 24-hour assistance. With HomeChoice®, family and friends know that loved ones are staying safe and comfortable.




They are so helpful with things like errands and cleaning

BlueSquareWhenever I need any help around the house all I have to do is give HomeChoice a call and they always get someone there to help. They are so helpful with things like errands and cleaning around the home, but the best part is that the caregivers are so friendly and caring, I always have a great time whenever a HomeChoice caregiver is with me.

– Molly M. (client)

I saw HomeChoice’s commercial on TV and gave them a call

BlueSquareI wasn’t able to do everything around my house anymore. Then I saw HomeChoice’s commercial on TV and I gave them a call. They came out the same day and helped me get everything I needed done, now they come twice a week and are always so helpful and cheerful when they are here.

– Margaret B. (client)

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Corky is much happier, and so am I!

BlueSquareMy husband, Corky, was in a local skilled nursing care center for eight months. I spent a lot of time traveling back and forth to the nursing home daily and sometimes would have to stay over in bad weather. While in the nursing home, Corky was in and out of the hospital several times with sicknesses that were going around the home.

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During one of my visits, I helped my brother contact several in-home agencies

BlueSquareMy brother is a single man and lives alone. I live in Florida and visit him regularly, but I was becoming more concerned about my brother’s health. Although he is fairly healthy, he does suffer from diabetes. I feared he wasn’t taking his medication regularly or eating properly which were causing other health issues and symptoms. He also wasn’t keeping his home cleaned properly or doing laundry. Plus, during the winter, he was not getting the walk or driveway shoveled.

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My parents needed minor assistance around the house

BlueSquareMy mother and father were aging “normally” and staying in their own home was a priority for them. We first started working with HomeChoice when my parents needed minor assistance around the house – doing light housekeeping chores like cleaning and laundry. This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

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