Corky is much happier, and so am I!

BlueSquareMy husband, Corky, was in a local skilled nursing care center for eight months. I spent a lot of time traveling back and forth to the nursing home daily and sometimes would have to stay over in bad weather. While in the nursing home, Corky was in and out of the hospital several times with sicknesses that were going around the home.

In April, I brought him home and had HomeChoice Senior Care in place to assist me with his care. It’s the best decision I ever made. Corky is much happier, and so am I! HomeChoice does all the transfers from hospital bed to wheelchair to arm chair, and helps him shower 3 times a week. They also do many other things to help me around the house like laundry, grocery shopping, and vacuuming. They even helped us plant a garden this spring! This help allows me to save my energy in order to be my husband’s primary caregiver.

HomeChoice even took care of me (and total care of Corky) after I had surgery.

Life is good! We are so glad we have HomeChoice. They are lifesavers and have such great staff!

– Helen T. (spouse, Cedar Rapids)