Dad needed more care than I could provide

BlueSquareTowards the end of my dad’s life, he needed more care than I could provide. In the beginning, he needed help occasionally during the night. I was staying with him and for a while I was able to help him when he needed it. But eventually I was up and down all night with him and then I would go into work and be exhausted. I gave HomeChoice a call.

Not only did they come out the same day, but their Caregivers also stayed awake the entire night and were very attentive to Dad’s needs. I could sleep all night through without interruptions. After a while my dad needed more care than I felt comfortable providing and we increased the amount of time that HomeChoice was here to help. They were so flexible every time that we made changes to our scheduled and our family always felt supported without any pressure. The last few weeks before he died, they were even able to help us 24 hours a day. They also coordinated and worked closely with Unity Point Hospice coordinating his care. Their help was the only way dad was able to spend the end of his life in his own home surrounded by familiar things. I was so grateful that they were there to help so that he and I could continue to have a great relationship up until the end.

– Sarah W. (daughter)