We needed help for times when we are away

BlueSquareMy father was living alone on the family farm after my mother passed. He was fairly independent, but it was becoming apparent that he was beginning to struggle with that independence. My sisters and I began to worry about him taking his medications on time and sometimes we wondered if he was eating properly.

I am fortunate to have room in my family home so that he could come and live with us, but my dad was worried about the impact his presence may have on my family (we have two teenage children still at home). My husband and I also wanted to make sure having Dad in our home was a positive experience for our children and that they didn’t in any way come to “resent” having him there. We were happy to be able to take care of him, but we needed some help for times when we needed to be away for our children’s activities or other events when Father just couldn’t join us.

When we met the staff at HomeChoice, we knew right away they would be a great option for us. HomeChoice caregivers come to our home and spend time with Dad while my husband and I are at work. They also come in the evening so our family can maintain the busy schedule that revolves around our kids’ activities. The HomeChoice staff even helps take Dad to some events so that he can be involved in his grandkids’ lives – one of the big reasons we wanted to have him nearer to us.

An added bonus that we hadn’t counted on is that the HomeChoice staff also helps with household tasks. This frees-up our time so we can spend more quality time with Dad. We know we have only a few years left with Dad and that makes every minute with him that much more important. Thanks to HomeChoice we are able to spend that time with him and everyone is thankful and feels fortunate to have him in our home.

– Cindy H. (daughter, Central City)