My parents needed minor assistance around the house

BlueSquareMy mother and father were aging “normally” and staying in their own home was a priority for them. We first started working with HomeChoice when my parents needed minor assistance around the house – doing light housekeeping chores like cleaning and laundry. This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

When my parents’ health began to decline – ironically, at about the same time for both of them – it was wonderful having HomeChoice staff available to provide more support. At first this consisted of helping my father shower and assisting with daily meal prep and cleanup. Eventually they spent more time in the home helping with daily living tasks.

After my father died, HomeChoice continued to support my mother in her own home until the time came that she needed skilled nursing care. The staff at HomeChoice helped us set up tours at several local facilities and even helped Mom settle in. For the first few weeks, the HomeChoice caregivers spent time with Mom at her new facility so that the transition was easier for her. We don’t know what we would have done without the help and guidance of HomeChoice!

– Carol B. (daughter, Cedar Rapids)